The Hidden Dangers of Mold On Carpets

36488492_SYou’ve heard the horror stories of people discovering mold and mildew in their homes. It can be a dangerous situation, creating health risks for those living in the home. Mold hiding within your carpeting can be the hardest to detect, since it usually isn’t until you notice an odor or even an increase in allergy symptoms that you are tipped off that there’s an issue.

Mold in the carpeting can cause difficulty breathing, asthma, flu symptoms, headaches, and sneezing. A runny, stuffy nose is a very common first symptom. If mold goes untreated for a significant period, you may find yourself or a family member suffering from something as serious as bronchitis. This is when air passages leading to the lungs become inflamed, making it very difficult to breathe. Young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible.

The best way to make sure your carpets are free of mold is to keep them clean and dry. Mold often originates in the basement, then works its way up to other parts of the home. Keep a vigilant eye on basement surfaces to ensure they are mold-free.

NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration can perform mold remediation quickly and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your home. Call us for more details and a free estimate.

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