High Dusting

Get the hard-to-reach places


* Ceilings, ledges, skylights, and more
* Complete removal of dust and grime
* Post-construction debris elimination
* Safe and effective methods

No matter how hard you might work to keep your building looking nice, sometimes an even more important concern is what’s right above your head. Dirt, dust, and harmful debris can be accumulating in the ceilings and high places inside your facility, causing an unsightly buildup that can be almost impossible to clean without special equipment. NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration Inc. is fully equipped and trained to safely handle the cleaning of even the highest spots in your building.
Dust accumulation in hard to reach and hidden places can cause poor air quality and health concerns for your staff and customers. High level accumulated dust can also fall onto merchandise and sales floors, defeating the image you designed and invested in. NorthStar Cleaning & Restoration Inc. uses eco-friendly supplies and equipment (lifts, scaffolding, etc.) for retail high dusting services, cleaning your store from the top down, including exposed duct work, hanging lights, beams, vents and high level ledges. Our technicians are carefully selected and are available for overnight, lock-in service.
As always, customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and our staff is available 24/7!